Top 5 Best Fat-Tired Folding E-Bikes Tested

After testing a dozen E-bikes, I recommend the Rad Power RadExpand 5 as the best fat tire folding E-bike in the market.

I’ve been an E-bike enthusiast for years. I love testing new models, comparing how they perform, and seeing which innovations manufacturers come up with.

The Rad Power RadExpand 5 truly impressed me with its outstanding ride quality, range, and convenient design.

However, I think the best electric bike can vary from rider to rider, so the variety of choices on this list is bound to have one that suits your needs. 

Best Folding E-Bikes

Read on to learn more about the Rad Power RadExpand 5 and my other favorite E-bikes.

Best Overall: Rad Power RadExpand 5

I immediately fell in love with the retro look of the RadExpand 5. The step-through frame and high handlebar give this e-bike personality, but they’re also comfortable features.

I also like the fat 4” tire, it provides plenty of cushioning and makes riding on trails or potholes a breeze.

The 750W motor is performing. The E-bikes can achieve a speed of 20 mph, either on the throttle or pedal assist mode. The mechanical disc brakes do an excellent job of stopping the E-bikes, even at full speed.

The range varies from 25 to 45 miles, depending on how much you rely on throttle and pedal assist. It’s plenty for most users.

The sturdy construction is a plus. This electric bike is a little heavy at over 60 lbs., but the durable frame made me feel safe. I liked all the extras like the fenders, rack, built-in lights, and LED display.

Folding the E-bike is easy, and you can even fold the handlebar to make the E-bike more compact.

Overall, the RadExpand 5 is a comfortable, reliable, and durable E-bike at a mid-range price point.

Best Sporty E-Bike: Aventon Sinch

After seeing so many glowing reviews online, I was curious to try the Aventon Sinch. I love that this E-bike looks like a regular bike with its sporty frame and hidden battery.

The Aventon Sinch might not look like an E-bike, but it packs plenty of power. The 750W motor delivers speeds of up to 20 mph, and the 48V battery has a range of up to 40 miles. I like getting a full charge in less than five hours.

The fat 4” tires adapt to a wide range of surfaces and deliver a comfortable ride enhanced by the wide and soft saddle.

The suspension is another feature that impressed me. With 45mm of travel, it’s ideal for trails, bumps, and curbs.

The E-bike is compact when folded, but I wish it had a hook and handle to facilitate transporting it.

Best Long-Range E-bike: Lectric XP 2.0

Do you need an E-bike with an extended range? If yes, I highly recommend the Lectric XP 2.0.

This folding E-bike comes with different features that enhance its performance. The motor has a peak rating of 850W and delivers plenty of power. You can achieve a speed of up to 28 mph.

The electric bike comes with a standard battery range of 45 miles. However, you can upgrade it with a premium battery that extends the range to 65 miles.

I loved the 3” tires that strike a good compromise between width and weight. The braking performance impressed me, even on wet surfaces.

I also like that this E-bike is available at an affordable price point.

Best Class 3 E-Bike: Engew Engine Pro 750w

The Engew Engine Pro 750W is fun to ride. This fast E-bike can reach a top speed of 28 mph. The range of up to 62 miles in assist mode is another impressive feature.

The hydraulic brakes work well and made me feel safe when riding at over 20 mph. I also liked the 4” tires that make the bike feel stable.

The E-bike is heavy at over 80 lbs. and the frame feels close to the ground compared to the other models I tested. However, it’s a fast and convenient option with a folded length of only 30.”

Budget Pick: Heybike Mars

I recommend this affordable class 2 E-bike if you’re shopping on a budget. The Heybike Mars features a motor with a peak rating of 500W and can achieve a top speed of 20 mph.

The 48-mile range makes the bike versatile, and I thought placing the battery behind the seat tube was a convenient and discreet option.

I liked how sturdy the 4” tires felt. Overall, this electric bike was fun to ride and performed as expected. The only downsides are the lack of suspension in the back and the fact that it takes up to seven hours to get a full charge.

Your Guide To Buying an Electric Bike

Are you shopping for your first E-bike? There are a few things you should know.

Class 1, 2, or 3

E-bikes come with two modes. Pedaling activates the default or pedal assist mode, where the electric motor makes riding effortless, but you still have to keep pedaling. Some bikes come with a throttle mode where the motor propels the bike by itself.

Class 1 E-Bikes are pedal-assist only, but some models have a pedal-assisted throttle mode that gives you a speed boost. The top speed is 20 mph for these bikes.

Most of the models listed above are class 2 E-bikes with pedal assist and throttle mode. However, the top speed remains 20 mph.

Class 3 E-bikes have a top speed of 28 mph. Some class 3 bikes have a throttle mode, but it’s not a requirement.

The class of an electric bike is an important consideration because some states have laws that are specific to these different classes. For instance, some states don’t allow class 3 E-bikes on bike paths.

How Do You Ride?

Before you purchase an E-bike, it’s important to ask yourself what your needs are:

  • How far will you ride? You should know that several factors affect the range, including your speed, the weight of the bike and rider, or the terrain.
  • Where will you ride? Fat tire E-bikes are a versatile choice since they do well on trails and in urban environments.
  • Will you need to carry cargo? If yes, look for an electric bike with a rack and check its cargo capacity.
  • Will you fold the E-bike often? Will you carry the folded E-bike or store it? Pay attention to how easy it is to fold the E-bike and how much the E-bike weighs.


After testing several E-bikes, I recommend the Rad Power RadExpand 5. This performing and versatile electric bike is an excellent choice with its 45-mile range and comfortable ride.


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