Electric Scooter Repair

Scooter Service

Electric scooters are becoming more commonplace in the city but not many places have the ability or willingness to service them. District Hardware and Bike's experience with electric bicycles can now be leveraged for your electric scooter. Walk-ins are always welcome and our staff will provide a free multi-point inspection to assess any repairs your scooter might need. As this is an emerging product and there is minimal standardization, prices may vary due to the brand, condition or configuration of your scooter. We offer the following a la carte services.

Tire Change $50

The tire change includes standard labor associated with changing solid or tube-type tires. A selection of scooter tubes and tires are available and unique sizes can be special ordered. Rate is per wheel and tire. Additional fees may be assessed based on non-standard configurations. Tubes and tires are not included.

Brake Service $30

Includes adjustment and labor associated with changing parts. Brake pads and replacement parts are available and can be special ordered. Rate is per brake. Parts are not included.

Battery Replacement $100-$175

Labor range for removal, cleaning of terminals, replacement and installation of batteries. Batteries must be removed, inspected, and special ordered. Not all scooter batteries are serviceable or replaceable. Battery locations and configurations vary between brands. Cost of new battery not included. Lead times for batteries vary by type and manufacture.

Troubleshooting $25

Labor rate per 15 minutes related to troubleshooting electrical system and wiring harnesses. Subject to technician availability and scope of work. Troubleshooting may require partial disassembly of scooter.

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We strive to maintain a high level of communication and keep customers informed of any updates or changes to your proposed service. Our primary means of communication is email, with phone follow-ups. Please check your email periodically for updates from our staff. If you have not heard from us and you feel that you should have, please check your spam filter.