Bike Service and Repair

District Hardware and Bike provides expert service and decades of experience on all varieties of bicycle regardless of age, frame material, or brand - from vintage steel to carbon fiber. Walk-ins are always welcome and our staff will provide a free multi-point inspection to assess any repairs your trusty ride might need.

We offer the following comprehensive tune up packages, in addition to a la carte service.

Safety Check


This service is the most basic of services and does not include adjustments. Service includes:

  • Check all aspects of the bike
  • Tighten loose bolt / QR
  • Make sure components are installed correctly
  • Straighten bars
  • Inflate tires
  • Lubricate chain
  • Any work or parts outside of this list are additional charges

Basic Tune-Up


This is a basic service, similar to the annual tune up but no drive train cleaning. Annual service is a better value service. Service includes:

  • Adjust and lube the gears
  • Stand true the wheels
  • Adjust brakes
  • Tension all bolts
  • Lube brake cables
  • Parts and labor outside above list are extra cost. Labor associated with new brake pads included unless removal of brake from frame/fork is required, otherwise $5 surcharge. Hydro brakes/bleeding has a $25 surcharge.

Annual Tune-Up


This service and cleaning is designed to be the comprehensive annual tune up that every rider needs (heavy riders may need multiple services within a year). Service includes:

  • Removal of drive train, wipe-down, setup and lube (we remove the crankset)
  • Stand true the wheels
  • Adjust and clean brakes
  • Clean and polish frame
  • Tension all bolts
  • Inflate tires
  • Parts and labor outside above list are extra cost. Labor associated with new brake pads included. Hydro brakes/bleeding has a $25 surcharge.

Advanced Tune-Up


Our most comprehensive service, intended for individuals with very high usage or those who have completed full race seasons. This service includes:

  • Full strip down and overhaul of the whole bike
  • New cables and housing with genuine Shimano parts (included)
  • Installation of parts needed in service
  • Additional parts outside of the above list are not included in cost of service

Shipped Bike Rebuild

$90 (starting)

This service is designed for customers that either purchase a bike online or ship a bike to our location.

  • We will unbox and rebuild the bike in a safe and reliable manner, which includes minor adjustments.
  • Bikes with damage,  excessive disrepair, or excessive accessories could incur additional  repair charges.
  • We can also box your for shipping. Please allow at least 5 business days for this service as we take great care to package your bike securely - $85-125


Other Services

As a full-service shop we do more than just the basic tune-ups, and sometimes you just need a little tweak or something out of the norm. Here is a sample of our most common a la carte services:

Standard Flat repair - $16.95 + tube

Front or rear shifting adjustment - $25

Front or rear brake adjustment - $25

Replace cassette - $25 + cassette

Replace Chain - $16.95 + chain

Wheel true - $20-30

Install fenders - $25-35

Install racks - $25-45

Wrap bars - $25 + tape

Clean and lube chain - $5

We strive to maintain a high level of communication and keep customers informed of any updates or changes to your proposed service. Our primary means of communication is email, with phone follow-ups. Please check your email periodically for updates from our staff. If you have not heard from us and you feel that you should have, please check your spam filter.