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Tidal Creek Poinsettias
$5.99 - $26.99
Order your poinsettias early to ensure you have fresh, beautiful flowers for the holidays. Available in multiple sizes and colors. Plant spreads are roughly double the size of the chosen pot (ex: 2.5inch pot will have a ~5" wide spread). Must order before October 6th. Pickup date will be Dec 4, 2019. Customers will be emailed when plants arrive.
 MIRACLE-GRO Potting Mix 8-Qt.
Potting Mix feeds up to 6 months, with MicroMax nutrients for hearty, vigorous plants with richer, more vibrant colors. Blend of rich ingredients with Miracle-Gro Continuous Release plant food. Convenient and easy. Contains a more complete feeding package for container plants to thrive and flourish. -Size: 8 qt. -Feeds plants up to 6 months -Enriched with Mircro-Max nutrients -No Mixing, no measuring -Rich, Organic materials help improve drainage and airflow -Wetting agent disperses water to prevent dry spots -Ideal for all kinds of container or potted plants
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