How Much Is an E-Bike? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re asking yourself, “how much is an e-bike” and wondering whether you can afford it, you’ve come to the right place. How much an e-bike can cost ranges between $1000 and $12,000, so there’s a wide range of options for various budgets.

E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are special bicycles with a motor to help you go faster. People enjoy riding e-bikes because they don’t require as much physical effort.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing an e-bike soon, this article will discuss

  • The range of prices for e-bikes
  • How to shop for an e-bike
  • Why e-bikes are worth purchasing
  • Downsides of e-bikes
  • How fast e-bikes can go

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether or not an e-bike is a suitable investment for you.

How much is an e-Bike? E-bikes vary significantly in price depending on their features, quality, and brand. Generally speaking, the average e-bike costs between $1,000 and $3,500; some higher-end models cost over $7,000, and some even cost close to $12,000.

You can find e-bikes for around $500 if you look around, but we recommend only purchasing that if it’s used and tested for quality. A new e-bike for about $500 won’t be the best quality in terms of its frame, drivetrain, and brakes.

Getting a low-quality e-bike may compromise your comfort and safety, so it’s essential to keep that in mind when making your purchase decision.

How To Shop for an E-Bike

When shopping for an e-bike, it’s important to consider your individual needs and budget.


You first want to consider what terrain you’ll be riding on. There are different types of e-bikes for different types of terrain, so it’s helpful to choose an e-bike that is appropriate for the terrain you’ll be riding on. The motor will be a significant feature, which we’ll explain briefly.


The next thing to consider is your budget. As mentioned earlier, e-bikes can range in price from around $1,000 to over $12,000. Getting an e-bike that’s too cheap might not be worth it, especially if you’re riding on tougher terrain such as hills or off-road trails.

However, some e-bikes are considerably overpriced due to things that might not matter as much to you, such as brand recognition or stylistic design.


You want to look for an e-bike with a good battery, especially if you want to minimize the number and length of time you have to charge it between rides. The higher the watt-hour battery capacity of the e-bike, the longer it can ride before recharge.

Typical battery capacities for e-bikes range between 250Wh to 650Wh, and higher Wh will likely mean a price increase.


The motor is another important factor when considering e-bikes. Motors come in different wattages, ranging from 250W to 750W or higher. Higher wattage means more power, so if you’re looking to ride on hilly terrain or carry a heavier load, higher wattage might be better.

Why E-Bikes Are Worth Purchasing

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons.

One of the most obvious reasons is that they allow people to bike without requiring as much physical effort. This benefit can be beneficial if you have a long commute and don’t want to get extra sweaty on the way there.

The lower effort is also helpful if you have an existing injury such as knee osteoarthritis. Utilizing an e-bike can reduce the amount of stress put on your joints while still enjoying a bike ride.

Additionally, E-bikes make it easier to keep up with other people who are riding at a faster pace. This assistance can be useful if you’re trying to keep up with friends on a biking trip or want to explore a new area and not get left behind.

As you can see, there are several reasons e-bikes are useful, enjoyable, and worth the extra costs over a standard bicycle.

The Downsides of E-Bikes

The greatest downside of an e-bike is that it needs to be charged to function correctly. Depending on the e-bike, the battery can take up to 6 hours to fully charge. This recharging time might not be ideal if you’re looking for a quick, spontaneous ride.

Another downside is the cost of e-bikes. Although there are some cheaper options, the prices can range to over $10,000.

This price range might be a bit steep for some people, so a standard bike might be a better option if you’re looking to get the cheapest form of cycle transportation while still getting a high-quality product overall.

How Fast Can E-Bikes Go?

The speed at which an e-bike can go depends on the type of motor and battery it uses. Generally speaking, most e-bikes have a top speed of 20 mph thanks to their motors.

However, some e-bikes can reach speeds up to 28 mph with the right motor and battery combination.

Class 1 and class 2 e-bikes go up to 20 mph, and class 3 go up to 28 mph. As you might’ve guessed, class 3 e-bikes are more expensive than class 1 or 2, but they are worth the extra cost if you want something close in speed to a motorcycle but still much safer.

Final Thoughts

E-bikes are getting increasingly popular due to their ability to offer a form of transportation that uses less physical effort and is easier to keep up with than a standard bicycle. People can use them for long commutes and on tougher terrain such as hills or off-road trails.

They can be expensive – up to $12,000 for the most premium bikes – and usually require a long charging time. Additionally, the speed capabilities of these bikes vary depending on their motor and battery combinations.

However, if you’re looking for an easy, low-effort way to get around town or enjoy a leisurely bike ride, then an e-bike might be worth the extra cost, and you can find one closer to your budget. Just consider the battery capacity, motor wattage, and speed capabilities before making a purchase.

Comment below if you have additional tips on looking for and purchasing an e-bike. Happy riding!


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