How Fast Is an Ebike

If you have recently considered buying a new ebike, you have likely been wondering how fast these eBikes can go. How fast an ebike will go varies based on the model you have and how you use it, but you can expect a top speed between 20-28 mph.

As a seasoned e-bike enthusiast, I take it upon myself to keep up with the technology and research the boundaries being pushed. I love looking into the speeds of various models to see just how far these bikes can go.

People often ask me, “How fast is an ebike?” There is undoubtedly some nuisance behind this question, which can vary wildly depending on a few conditions.

Today I am here to address how fast an e-bike can go depending on a few variables. Continue reading below to find out how fast you can go.

Types of E-bikes

When looking at how fast an ebike is, it is essential to consider what type of bike you have. Depending on what model of ebike you have, Your speed and structure will change.

E-bikes primarily come in 3 different models. There are class 1, class 2, and class 3 e-bikes. Below we will look at each type and how it affects your speed.

Class 1

Class 1 ebikes are bikes that do not include a throttle. These e-bikes can use pedal assist to help bikers move faster, with a maximum assisted speed of 20 miles per hour.

As the slowest option of the bunch, many states in the United States treat class 1 e-bikes as traditional pavement bikes. This means that in many places, class 1 e-bikes are allowed to move through conventional bike lanes, bike paths, and even on multi-use trails because they are not seen as dangerous vehicles.

Class 2

Class 2 ebikes are between the steps of class one and class three e-bikes. Class 2 e-bikes are defined as having the speed of class one while still having throttle assistance. 

Like their class 1 counterparts, class 2 ebikes can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour through either pedal assistance or throttle. These are the only e-bikes to include a throttle.

As the type of ebike with a throttle, these ebikes are more restricted than class 1 and are not allowed on most singletrack mountain trails for bicycles. Instead, these vehicles are preferred for OHV trails since they are closer to an off-road vehicle.

Class 3

Lastly, there are class 3 ebikes. Class 3 e-bikes are similar to class one e-bikes in that they also do not have throttles. While still limited to petal assistance, these bikes are a bit faster, reaching a maximum assisted speed of 28 miles per hour.

These bikes are typically restricted from bike trails but are allowed on most roads and bike lanes. With pedal assistance reaching close to 30 miles per hour, it’s no wonder lawmakers want to keep these e-bikes off of traditional bike trails.

Other Variables

On top of the three classes of ebikes, some other variables will affect your ride’s speed. Whether you opt-in for pedal assist, you will see a different top speed for your e-bike.

Using the pedal assist, your bike will assist you in pedaling, raising the speed to be as fast as you want it to be. By ignoring the pedal assist and pedaling manually for more exercise, your top speed will be lower.

Even if you can pedal fast enough to go at these speeds, you will only have so much energy to keep at this high pace. Bikers who want to maintain a higher maximum speed must use more pedal assist.

On top of using pedal assistance, another factor to consider for e-bike speed is race track mode. On some higher-end e-bike models, there will be an option to turn on race track mode using the LCD screen.

Race track mode will assist a biker and allow them to push the limits of their e-bike’s speed. This mode will enable a ebike to push past its usual speed limit and function as fast as possible, often reaching speeds above 30 mph.

While in race track mode, an ebike will be functioning at the highest level, so it will quickly use battery and heat up. Fortunately, the bike knows not to use all of the motor’s power and overheat, so it will automatically use onboard sensors to reduce speed and power when riding in this mode for too long.

While this is an excellent feature, most states limit the speed limit of e-bikes on regular roads. Because of this, you should ensure only to use this function on private property or a racetrack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you understand the speed of your ebike and what factors can affect it, let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions related to e-bikes.

Are E-bikes Faster Than Regular Bicycles?

Yes, e-bikes are faster than regular bicycles. Because ebikes have pedal assistance, they can help riders move faster while peddling the same amount as a regular bicycle. 

Class 2 e-bikes have a throttle to make moving quicker and easier.

Do I Need A Licence To Ride An Ebike?

E-bikes are classified as electrically assisted pedal cycles, which means they do not require a license to be operated. E-bikes do not need to be registered, taxed, or insured either.

How Safe Are Ebikes?

Studies have shown that e-bikes are noticeably more dangerous than traditional bicycles. E-bikes have a higher top speed than bikes with the use of pedaling assist, so naturally, there is a higher chance of injury during use.

Do I Still Need To Pedal To Use An Electric Bike?

You do not technically need to pedal to operate an electric bike. They can move all on their own. That being said, pedaling your e-bike will help keep the battery running much longer and will get you the exercise of using a bike.

In The End

So, how would I respond to the question, “How fast is an ebike?”

Depending on the model and if you are utilizing pedal assist, an ebike can reach a maximum speed of 20-28 miles per hour. If using the race track mode feature, ebikes can even exceed this 28 mph maximum for a short time.

If you or someone you know are unsure about the rules and regulations of your ebike’s top speed, make sure to look into your local laws to find out about any other restrictions.


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