How Far Can An E-bike Go On One Charge?

If you have recently considered buying a new e-bike, you have likely been wondering how far an e-bike goes on one charge. While the exact distance will vary based on circumstances such as age and traffic, an e-bike charge will likely take you between 20 and 50 miles off of one charge.

As a seasoned e-bike enthusiast, I make it my responsibility to read up on e-bikes and see where the latest technology is at. I love looking into the structure of an e-bike and finding out the limits of the transportation method.

People often ask me, “How far can an e-bike go on one charge?” There is undoubtedly some nuisance behind this question, which can vary wildly depending on a few conditions.

Today I am here to talk about the distance an e-bike can get you based on several conditions. Continue reading below to find out how far your ride can get you on average or on its best day.

How Far Can An E-bike Go On One Charge?

What Can Affect E-bike Range?

The main reason it is so difficult to pinpoint one number for an e-bike range is that there are a lot of variables. Factors such as the rider’s weight, the terrain they are traversing, and even the speed they are going will determine how far the e-bike will get off of one charge.

So, how far can an e-bike go on one charge, and what will affect this range?

If you use your e-bike on rough terrain while stopping a lot, you will use up the battery much quicker than someone moving at a consistent pace on a flat road.

One of the biggest factors that affect the range of an e-bike is the hand throttle. Using a hand throttle, especially alongside pedal assist, will drain your battery much quicker than those without. 

Make sure to consider these factors, as they will change the exact mileage you will get out of your e-bike’s battery.

How To Estimate E-bike Range

The first step in figuring out the range of your e-bike is to find out its battery capacity. Battery capacity is typically measured in watts or watt-hours. Still, you may need to convert if it is listed in volts or amps.

After finding out your battery capacity, you need to divide the capacity of the battery by the average efficiency number. The average efficiency number should be wh/mi or wh/km. 

Most throttle e-bikes will give about 25 wh/mi (15.6 wh/km) efficiency when ridden at an average of 20 mph. In comparison, pedal-assist e-bikes offer about 15 wh/mi (9.4 wh/km) going at about 17 mph.

After dividing battery capacity by the average efficiency number, you will get the amount of range for your battery life. This seems simple on paper, but it gets muddled when you have to adjust an efficiency number for unusual weight, terrain, or speed.

Your wh/mi will be lower if you are lighter and travel on flat or downhill terrain.

Does Pedaling Affect My E-bike Range?

Suppose you are using your e-bike as mostly a bicycle and pedal fast. In that case, your low-level pedal assist will help to increase efficiency. The average efficiency numbers above assume a mid-level pedal assist and cycling speed. Using less pedal assist will always lower the efficiency number, thereby raising your e-bike range off of one battery.

It is essential to factor in pedaling when considering your bike’s range, as e-bikes use less battery when you rely on the battery less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you understand the range of your e-bike and what can affect it, let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions related to e-bikes.

What Is The Speed Limit For An E-bike?

While the exact speed limit of a bicycle will depend on the region, United States federal law dictates that low-speed electric bicycles, or those with a maximum mortar output of 750 watts, are limited to 20 miles per hour.

How Often Should I Charge My E-bike?

E-bikes utilize rechargeable lithium batteries for pedal assistance. Lithium batteries don’t like to run out of charge, as letting it die out completely will hamper their lifespan and maximum charge.

As such, it is recommended that you charge your e-bike’s battery each time you finish using it. Charging your e-bike after use will prevent it from dying out and extend the battery’s lifespan as a whole.

If you plan to place your battery in storage for the winter, make sure to leave it at half charge. Batteries drain a little bit, even while not in use. Leaving some of the charges in the battery will prevent a battery from completely dying.

Can An e-bike Go 60 MPH?

Some of the higher-end e-bikes, such as the ONYX RCR, promise maximum speeds pushing 60 mph.

While it is technically possible to go at this speed, it is recommended that you maintain a speed much lower in most places, as the federal speed limit on e-bikes in the United States is 20 mph.

How Long Will An E-bike Battery Last?

Most people can expect their e-bike’s lithium battery to last between three and five years. A well-maintained battery may last longer than half a decade. In contrast, a poorly maintained battery will die off much sooner.

One important aspect of battery maintenance is leaving a charge. Lithium batteries will lose permanent charge time if you leave them uncharged for a long time, so charging regularly is essential to longevity.

The other aspect of maintaining a solid battery lifespan is temperature. Batteries dislike warm temperatures, so make sure not to store your e-bike in direct sunlight. Batteries prefer cool storage under 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius).

In The End

So, how would I respond to the question, “How far can an e-bike go on one charge?”

An e-bike’s battery can go as far as you want it to. If you are willing to ride with a lot of pedaling on nice terrain, an e-bike’s range may be as high as 50 mph. But in most cases, the number will fall between 20-30 miles per charge because of terrain, weight, and speed variances.

If you are new to e-bikes and want to make the best of your bike’s battery, store it in a cool location with some of its charge remaining.


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