Best Mid-Drive eBike

We’ve tested several products and found the Verve+ 2 Lowstep to be the best mid-drive ebike. 

We’ve been riding and experimenting with ebikes for years, so we know what makes one bike the best. We have used ebikes for commuting around cities, biking on trails, and in off-road settings. 

The Verve+ 2 Lowstep is the best eBike we experimented with when determining features and price. The product is one of the sturdiest we rode on, and it did not seem to slow down from the elements. 

The Lowstep has an excellent battery that charges quickly and lasts long enough for most users. 

Of course, we have several other models for you to consider. Whether you’re looking for something on a budget or for trail riding, we have other products worth checking out. 

Keep reading to see our favorite mid-drive ebikes. 

Verve+ 2 Lowstep – Best Overall

You’ve already heard it, but the Verve+ 2 Lowstep is the best mid-drive ebike on the market. This product is the perfect bike for beginners and veterans of ebike riding. 

So what makes the Lowstep the best mid-drive ebike? For starters, the cost puts it right in the middle of all the models we tested. While it may be slightly too expensive for some on a budget, this model is still affordable as an entry-level bike.

The Lowstep’s durability blew us away, and few models will stand up to the elements and wear and tear like this one. If you plan on riding offroad, you should give the Lowstep heavy consideration.

You want to find an ebike with a strong battery with a long-lasting life. Well, the Lowstep has one of the best batteries on the market. You can charge the device in around three hours, and testing revealed you get approximately 40 miles of usage out of a single charge

The only con on this model was the top speed, as it caps at only 20 miles per hour. 

Marin Sausalito E1- Best Budget

Marin designed its Sausalito E1 with two design principles: make an inexpensive and lightweight bike. The company succeeded on both counts. 

This bike weighs around 45 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the list. The lower weight allows you to carry it when heading off the beaten path. It also makes pushing easier if you ever run out of battery power.

Speaking of the battery, this model has one of the highest ranges tested. You can go approximately 70 miles on one charge, meaning you do not need to charge it daily.

With the slightly lower price, you can expect a few aspects to be lacking. We found this bike less durable than some others. The hydraulics are okay on this model, but some may find the ride too bumpy when taking it on trails. 

Lectric XPremium – Best Adaptable

If you want an ebike that does a little of everything, Lectric has you covered with its XPremium. This bike is perfect for the commuter or the off-roader. 

The XPremium is one of the fastest bikes we noticed during testing, with a top speed of 28 miles per hour. The battery also has plenty of capacity, and the company rates it as 1,000Wh.

Getting a flat tire is about the worst thing that can happen to you when riding an ebike. The good news is that Lectric planned for this and made the tires as durable as possible. The tires are 4 inches wide, and the company filled the inner tubes with slime to increase resistance to punctures

We enjoyed the low design of the product. You are close to the ground on this model, but the height makes it perfect for off-roading and bumpy roads.

One of the only real complaints about this product is the imperfect gear shifter, which has a tendency to skip gears or occasionally shift on its own. Although a little elbow grease can fix this issue, you should still keep it in mind. 

Orbea Rise – Best Trail Rider

Orbea made the best bike for trail riding in 2020 with the Rise. The bike’s excellent battery and motor combine to make for a smooth ride on the bumpiest of terrain. 

The Rise is one of the lightest bikes we tested, and you can find versions of the model that are about 35 pounds. The lower weight also assists with trail riding and allows you to transport the bike over terrain ill-suited for biking.

This bike is the closest you will get to a traditional mountain bike in the electric bike package. When discussing the best mid-drive ebikes, this is one to consider for any trail riders. 

Buying Guide

Now that you know our favorite ebikes, here’s a short buying guide — so you know what to look for when purchasing your new model.


Mid-drive motors are some of the most powerful for ebikes. The extra power assists in climbing hills, and the motor’s position does not affect the bike’s center of gravity. Most mid-drive engines have similar power levels, but make sure you find a model that has enough speed and power for you.

If you do not consistently ride on hilly or uneven terrain, consider a different ebike. Rear hub-drive bikes are perfect for flat terrain, but these models don’t fare well on hills due to their imbalanced natured. 


Bigger is typically better when it comes to batteries. Look for a battery with a high capacity that keeps your bike powered for longer. Mid-drive motors are more powerful than many others, so you need a powerful battery to keep them powered.

Before purchasing an ebike, always check the battery range to know how far you can go on one trip. 


Analyze any extras or features the manufacturer puts in an ebike. Does it have a suspension system? How about headlights and taillights for night riding? What kind of brake system did they install on the bike?

Conclusion: Best Mid-Drive Ebikes

Of all the mid-drive ebikes we tested, the Verve+2 Lowstep is the best today. 

This model has the best power, battery life, durability, and value

Whether you are an experienced ebike rider or new to the hobby, we hope you found a model that speaks to you. If interested, consider clicking one of the links to learn more about the products and purchasing your new ebike today.


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