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Our History

District Hardware had humble beginnings, opened by Stanley Conway, a British Immigrant and World War II veteran, in 1971. Stanley immigrated with his wife and children to the Washington area in the late 1950s and for years held various jobs working for other people, including time as a traveling vacuum salesman. The day he opened his own store was a milestone, attributed to his hard work and dedication to the American Dream.

While some things have changed since Stanley opened up shop in ’71, we remain a friendly group of handy, helpful and community-minded people. Stanley fostered a service-focused mentality and we are more dedicated than ever to help you with your needs, no matter what. Don’t see what you want? No problem! Let one of our associates know what you’re looking for and we’ll get you squared away. To this day we’re dedicated to providing a wide array of home, hardware, and bike products that are geared towards city life. We’re your neighbors, and we’re here to help.